About us

The Complast Group was founded in 1979 to meet the growing demand for flexible packaging in the clothing and sports footwear sector in the Montebelluna (TV) production district, in north-eastern Italy.

The Company, through determination, changed its facilities by acquiring important state-of-the-art equipment called extruders, which allowed it to overcome the contracting textile and footwear sector, successfully opening itself to new perspectives: Complast became a reference point in the 90s specializing in “shopping bags” and “PE-HD” and “PE-LD” bags thanks to its managerial intuition which provided the company with an innovative plant for recycling raw materials. It also strengthened the production facilities with specific extrusion, printing and welding machinery.
The production is specialized in transforming PE-HD/PE-LD, biodegradable and compostable materials suitable for use with food and in line with both ecological and legislative requirements.
The group currently has an 8,000 sq m, state of the art production facility which allows it to meet international market requests with a significant production capacity of shopping bags, sacks and semi-finished products.
The Complast group is led by 50 in-house employees and it is being strengthened by paying particular attention to ecological and environmental issues through OHSAS 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.